Dutch Loop Progress on July 21, 2015

Carpet has been installed, and everything looks great! Sorry the pictures aren’t as great of quality as the others, I used my cell phone to take these ones. The house is nearing completion, I’m hoping the next time I’m out they’ve started installing some of the fixtures! Looking forward to the final walk through and closing!

Dutch Loop Progress on July 17, 2015:

I pulled up just as the builders were adding attic insulation this afternoon. Lights have been installed and the place is coming together quite nicely- now that the lights have been installed you cans see the matching detail in the upstairs full bath! One of your soon to be neighbors greeted me from across the street, asking how things were coming along, and are very excited to be adding new neighbors to the development. They even offered some boxes and their services for moving! Less than 2 weeks to go!

Dutch Loop Progress on July 13, 2015:

We have cabinets! The contractors were just getting ready to install the beautiful black cabinetry in the kitchen and the bathrooms. I got a nice picture of the detail in the full bathroom upstairs as well, with matching tile detail like the master bath. The workers gave me access to the basement as well, so you have a few new pictures to see there- We’re getting closer!


Dutch Loop Progress on July 9, 2015:

Got in to take pictures just after they finished up with the hardwood flooring! The floor looks beautiful, and we’ve got paint on the walls! The contractors were working on the master suite when I was looking around. My favorite picture was the detail they were putting up around the soaking tub in the master bedroom- Stunning! I’m glad I remembered to take a picture of the outside of the home just as I was pulling away, they’ve added the lovely stone detail around the garage. Have a good weekend!


Dutch Loop Progress on July 3, 2015

Hello Hello! Now that things are really starting to take shape in the home I’ll be uploading pictures twice a week for you to view!

Everything is coming along beautifully for the home, and we’re starting to see some real progress as they’ve gotten drywall up. Every room is starting to take form, and with how quick they’ve been to build recently we should see a lot of changes of the next few weeks to closing!